I’m a woman and it means that I must constantly invent ways to manage to combine the tasks of the housewife, house, children, husband on one hand, career and social life on the other , to indulge my own personal pursuits, my interests while always keep myself fresh, relaxed and attractive. No I’m not Odysseus. I’m still a resourceful human being of our time.

There are times when I dream that I take the plane and go somewhere far away from everything. There are times that I actually take a plane. For obvious reasons this cannot be done as often as I’d like. For me the ideal oasis to escape for a while from the frenetic pace of my life would look like this: a place where I could find myself briefly immersed in a lounger or a chair with a book or a magazine in my hands and my personal computer beside me, with internet access, to get updated in “female stuff” and write when I am inspired.

As a friend, sister, daughter, wife, a mother and a professional psychologist-psychotherapist, every day I get in contact with several women, of all ages. Listening to their concerns, problems, diffidence, the social pressures and countless other requirements they receive and have to cope with every day.

I see that women, with all the social roles we adopt in life, all have the same needs, either in getting away for a moment from the daily routine to take care of ourselves, or to get courage and strength through valuable scientific knowledge and helpful tips.

With these kind of thoughts in mind and after discussing with my colleagues, we created www.anthia.net, which I would like to become a small online library for women, a special website where every woman can relax reading small female stories, while validly be informed on issues of self-awareness, nutrition, health, love, relationships, beauty and fashion. I hope you enjoy this site as much as we, who have created and write articles in, do.

Anthia Christodoulou Theofilou