Maristos Services offers services for approaching the Cypriot and Greek market, to companies outside Cyprus and Greece.

The company’s goal is to provide everything a company needs in order to reach customers in Greece and Cyprus, and to offer high quality services at low cost and with a targeted clientele.

The services we offer are:


24h Virtual Office

24/7 available call center for your prompt customer service and immediate response to any problem.


Basic Package:

  • Management of calls (24/7).
  • Dedicated telephone number (+35725xxxxxx).
  • Handling of the incoming calls for secretarial support (recording and forwarding messages), providing basic information about your business (working hours, location, etc.) and recording complaints.
  • Answering the calls in your company name or any other desired expression.
  • Call handling in Greek and English.
  • Ability to configure updates based on the time of the day and the type of update.


24h Virtual Customer Service

Does your product or services need technical support? Do you want to provide your customers with the assurance that someone is available at any time to support them on technical issues?

We undertake the organization of your customers’ technical support team.

Our engagement rate is also determined by you as it may start with performing a simple diagnostic procedure to a full technical support of a professional personnel that holds specialized training and qualifications.


Customer Service via email

In case you prefer to communicate with your customers via email or need an extra service to ensure the best possible communication of your customers with the technical support, we offer the customer service via email.

So there is a possibility to serve your customer either through direct contact with the email support department or by contacting the call center, which if it is not able to solve your customer’s problem, it notifies the email service. This department provides an IT Manager and Programming and Electrical Engineers, who are available at any time to advise your client.

It is possible to communicate with the customer either in Greek or in English.

That way we create a sense of security for your clients that there is a 24-hour skilled staff to help in the direct solution of their problem.



Professional translation of the presentation of your product in Greek. Proper and accurate translation of your product is very important in the Greek and Cypriot markets. Choosing the mother tongue of the purchasing audience makes your product more friendly and easier to trade in the Greek and Cypriot markets.

We provide professional translations from English to Greek.

The translation is made by experienced translators (without the use of translation software) and fits perfectly with the tone, meaning, emotion and structure of the original text in order to convey the exact meaning to the reader.



We provide mailboxes with a real address so that your customers in Greece and Cyprus can send you letters that will be then forwarded to you.

There are two packages for this service, the shared mailbox and the private mailbox.


Cloud VPS

If your product needs a Cloud VPS for a faster response in Greece and Cyprus.

We offer reliable Cloud VPS services, with a high speed and 24-hour tracking to be fully customized to your needs.

Using new technology methods, Cloud VPS is fast, automatic and designed to meet your every need.


Automated backup system

Automated backup system that maintains a growing backup of the Cloud VPS whenever it is activated, on a daily basis and keeping up to 15 days.

Your data will be secure in storage infrastructure and will be available in case of a problem.

Dedicated VPS Features

Full Console Access99.99% Uptime Guaranteed
Secure HypervisorHigh availability
Ultra-Fast Platform15 Day Automatic Backups + €6,00 EUR

Operating System Templates

Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04 x64Debian 7.0, 8.0 x64
CentOS 6.8, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 x64openSUSE 13.1 x64
openSUSE 11.2, 13.2, 12.1 x64Fedora 20, 21, 22 x64
Pfsense 2.0, 2.1.5 x64Elastix 2.4 x64
Windows 2012 x64 STD + €26,00 EURFreeBSD 9.3 x64
Windows 2012 x64 STD R2 + €26,00 EUR


Cabinets Server

Our company has specially designed cabinets with technical support so that you can send us your own servers and we then put them in a safe place for you. There is a high-speed network and 24-hour secure power supply in this service.

These specially designed cabinets are environmentally friendly and safe.

They include the following:

  • Strict Security: Access control, monitoring, patrolling, procedures, protocols for entering and accessing building
  • Temperature and humidity sensors
  • A secured rack environment
  • Combination lock with biometric and alert options
  • Between racks secured isolation
  • Top and bottom panels for ultimate containment
  • PCI-DSS : We comply with PCI-DSS for physical security and data center operations
  • Smart PDUs
  • Options such as filler panels, trays and wire managers
  • Cabinet doors in a range of sizes to meet your needs
  • Regulated power supply
  • Power Efficiency: Best in the industry cooling, power and redundancy components that ensure the most competitive electricity rates
  • 9% Network Uptime: Multiple redundant paths ensure you’re up
  • Tier-3 Data Center
  • Managed Services: Need an extra help? We got you covered
  • Expertise : We are experts in what we do. Let us manage the infrastructure so that you can manage your business
  • ISO 9001/27001 : We take data protection seriously, therefore all our operations are compliant with ISO9001 and ISO27001


Monthly Report

Our company informs you every month with a detailed report about the evolution of your product in the Greek and Cypriot markets.

  • Monthly statistical analysis of calls.
  • Analysis of your calls by email.
  • Results from email marketing.
  • Record of complaints.

Contact us and let us make an initial assessment of how your customer service works and how we could help you improve it. All this without any obligation.

In a few days you will have a complete proposal and costing that will allow you to clearly see the improvement points through your cooperation with us.