Message from the President of MARISTOS group

MARISTOS group of companies founded by setting as its primary goal the development of an operational strategy and policy taking account of the diversity and pluralism in the business world.

The goal of MARISTOS group of companies cannot be anything other than achieving timeless excellence within the continuous changing environment both in society and in the service industry. Knowing the psychology and behavior of the Cypriot market, which only trust the quality and nothing less, we aimed in the first place and we set as our vision to become creative and competitive with only at the top.

The philosophy of our business is linked to the healthy growth and goodwill through the best possible service to our partners. In light of all the above, we comply religiously to the following principles:

We create a relationship of trust between our partners, who can assure our reliability, honesty, and stability in the quality of our services. Finally, we insist on good communication, which can ensure the achievement of the maximum result of a good cooperation.

The indisputable driving force of our group is our employees, partners and customers. It is worth mention that all our employees and partners are selected through strict quality criteria, training, ethics and effectiveness and each one is considered a top in its specialty.
Moreover, the aim of MARISTOS group is to create and promote new and innovative services to ensure our profitability and at the same time participate in our country’s social life actively and qualitatively.

Our warranty is our reputation and credibility in the financial sector. Applying all the above principles, confirms the name of our group and the results we achieve.

Our self is our only competitor.

Chief Executive Officer