The MARISTOS group of companies is aiming for the expansion and development of its business activity and the practical expression of social responsibility, always combining business and economic development while providing for the community.

The main areas we focus our socially responsible activities are the Environment and Local Communities.

Being a technologically modern enterprise, we are extremely sensitive to social responsibility issues. We manifest substantial interest to the community, particularly for the socially vulnerable groups.

With a strong sense of corporate social responsibility and in accordance with our environmental policy, we contribute to the mitigation of environmental problems by designing and implementing a series of actions that help to conserve natural resources, save energy and to shape environmental awareness.

We use water-cooling technology to ensure low energy costs and high efficiency of our systems. The high thermal conductivity of water makes it very easy to absorb heat – even through the air. Therefore, it is an effective way to cool the facility where our servers and electronic systems are hosted. The water cooling system works by flowing water passing over our computer units, transferring the heat to a cooling body which dissipates the heat and keeps the water cool. This results in the ability to achieve a low temperature.

Additionally, our company has invested in photovoltaic systems to reduce energy consumption. By photovoltaic systems, we refer to industrial devices which convert solar energy into electricity. In fact, it consists of generators of photovoltaic panels, energy meters and charge controllers. Photovoltaic systems belong to the category of renewable energy sources. The advantages of using these energy saving systems in our daily lives is enormous, including the contribution to the preservation of natural resources and to help reduce costs for MARISTOS group.